Wellness Center

Richland #44 Wellness Center

Reopening February 1, 2021 – on a limited basis.

We are happy to announce the Richland #44 Fitness Center reopened on February 1, 2021 on a limited basis.  Members will need to sign up for work out times.  Use of facilities is only allowed during these set times:  AM Workouts 5am-8am;  PM Workouts 5pm-9pm.   Weekend and non school days:  5am-9pm

To sign up for April:  Click Here

Use of Facilities

  • Patrons should bring their own water bottles. Drinking fountain will not be available.
  • Locker rooms and restrooms will not be available to patrons.
  • Patrons are expected to always use face coverings, except when actively lifting.
  • Patrons must use a sanitizing wipe after using each piece of equipment or lifting apparatus.



Current Members:  Memberships that were active as of March 15, 2020 will be extended for the remainder of that membership starting the date of your reactivation.  To reactivate your membership CLICK HERE.  Also, please note: NEW FOBS ARE NEEDED.  Please contact the office for more information at 701-372-3713.

New Members: If you are interested in purchasing a membership, please see our current rates below.  To purchase a membership CLICK HERE.

Fee Schedule

Yearly              Adults           Family(students covered if parent with)            Student Membership                              Seniors(62+)

Yearly              $150               $250                                                                            $84    $24 each additional/family             $100

6 month          $90                 $150                                                                            $48    $12 each additional/family              $54

3 Month          $50                 $90                                                                             $27    $6 each additional/family                $28

Monthly          $20                 $35                                                                             $10     $2 each additional/family                $10

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