Richland Bus Drivers
Elementary - Arrive Times
8:00-8:30 am

Elementary Dismissal
3:15 pm

Jr/Sr High School - Arrive Times
8:00-8:21 am

Jr/Sr High School Dismissal
3:30 pm

Bus Policy

If your child needs to ride an alternate bus, please call the school by 2:30 and we will tell the bus drivers.  We need to ensure we are dropping children off at a location that has been arranged by the parents if it is different from the normal drop-off.

Also, we will not be able to transport children to birthday parties.  Please arrange for an alternate form of transportation for events such as this.

Bus Rules:

  1. Wear a Mask at all times
  2. Be respectful to the bus driver and fellow students
  3. Keep the bus clean
  4. Follow the bus driver’s instructions
  5. Stay in your assigned seat
  6. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus

Route One

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Route Two

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Route Three

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Route Four

Coming Soon

Duane Akvik
Bus Driver
Lenny Krueger
4th Grade Teacher & Bus Driver
Matt Myhre
Bus Driver
Don Viele
Bus Driver
Lindsay Whisman
Bus Driver
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