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Technology Resources

Who keeps this school up and running? Your amazing Technology Coordinator, Mardee Leinen!

Whether it is setting-up new iPads for the entire school, or arranging for live-streaming of athletic events, Mardee facilitates the effective use of computers and other technology in instructional programs district-wide.  Along with her day to day tasks, Mardee is instrumental in the development of short- and long-range plans for the integration of technology into Richland classrooms (both in-person and virtual).

If you are having issues logging into one of our many new systems, or if a staff member or student is having problems with one of the district issued devices, Mardee will help you get back on track.

Technology Department

District Technologist

Mardee Leinen
District Technologist

For technical assistance, please fill out a technology help request.


Please fill out the form below about your technical issue. Please give as much detail as possible so you can receive the best help possible. Thanks!

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