Food Service

There are special people at both of our schools who work each day to help improve students’ concentration, enhance classroom participation, increase test scores, and keep our kids healthy and ready to learn. Amazingly these people do this without even entering the classrooms. Who are these impressive people?

They are the Food Service Department, and Richland is proud of our employees who do this hard work every day. Research shows that kids who eat well learn better. So, the hard work that gets done in the kitchen each day is NOT just about the food; it makes good education possible. Our nutrition staff strives each day to provide your children with tasty, healthy meals. Proper nutrition is key to the optimal growth and development of children.

Karen Krump, elementary head cook, in kitchen with students

Food Services Info

Elementary Staff

Faylin Myhre
Head Cook
Karen Kappes
Elementary Cook

High School Staff

Sheryl Braunberger
Cook/Custodian High School
Sally Ringdahl
Cook/Custodian High School

Elementary Breakfast Program

Breakfast Program:

The breakfast program will again be available at the elementary school at a cost of $1.25 per meal. Each day breakfast is served from 8:00-8:30 am and includes cereal, fruit, juice, milk, and a 5th item each day that changes (examples are omelet, pop tart, french toast, etc.) If you qualify for free and reduced meals, this will apply to the breakfast program also.


Hot Lunch

$60.00 Monthly 20 meals = $3.00 per meal (includes 1 milk)
$ 3.00 Individual meal (PK-12)
$516.00 Full Year

Additions To Meal Plan

$ .40 each extra milk or $8.00 monthly for extra milk
$3.75 Adult Lunch | $ 1.25 Student Breakfast | $ 1.75 Adult Breakfast
$.75 a la cart/seconds
Extra milk—milk break PK - 6 (Optional) Year ----- $68.00

Additional Information

Lunches will be served on the first day of school.

The fee will be $60 for twenty meals on a monthly basis or $3.00 for a daily meal. Lunch payments can be made through our online payment system. These payments will post directly to your PowerSchool account. We are encouraging all parents to set up an online account to make online payments for hot lunch.

Special Milk Program:

All children grades PreK-6 who desire to participate in the special milk program for milk break pay for milk. The cost can be billed in three ways as follows: Full-year: $68 | Monthly: $8 | Daily: $.40

PB&J Sandwiches & Seconds:

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches and second food helpings will be offered again this year at the cost of $.75/a la carte.

Guest Meals:

Due to COVID-19, guests are not allowed for lunch this year.

Virtual Academy Meals:

Students in the Virtual Academy are still eligible for school meals. Meals would be charged at their normal price and families will be asked to sign up for two weeks at a time. Meals will be delivered. Accounts must be up to date to qualify for this service. We still strongly encourage those enrolled in the virtual academy and who may qualify, to apply for free and reduced.

Free and Reduced Meals:

Parents are asked to closely examine the free and reduced meal application and income eligibility guidelines provided by the state of North Dakota. If you feel you meet the requirements, we ask that you send your completed application to the District Office, Attn: Kendra Dockter, as soon as possible. All information is confidential.

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