FAQ- Smart Restart Program

Smart Restart FAQ

Yes, they are open to the public!

You do not have to make the same decision for each child; you can opt one into school and one into distance learning.

Thank you, yes, we will consider the number of students, especially in more dense areas.

This is being discussed but most likely, yes. We have more staff coming from Cass County than students, at this point.

We hadn’t thought about this but love this idea! We will plan to do this soon.

Most likely yes but this is still being discussed.

At this point, research does not indicate that shields are as effective as masks due to airflow coming out underneath shields. If there is a medical concern with wearing a mask, parents are encouraged to communicate that to administrators.

We’re not sure what that will look like yet… on the survey, please indicate that in the Comments box of the Transportation section. We’ll see what our numbers are looking like and determine if we can accommodate that. Thanks for considering this!

Yes, students can still bring lunches from home.

Yes, the only exception is distance learning (Plans C and D). PreK will not be as robust in distance learning as grades K-12.

We are still working on our Jr/Sr HS staggered transition plan, but yes there will be time limitations.

Great point; we will build in time for students to go to lockers.

Students are encouraged to bring their own masks, but we will have disposable masks available. We have purchased lanyards for all staff and students to hang their masks around their necks (or in an elementary classroom) when not wearing them.

This is being discussed at the state level and will be determined.

Please indicate that in the Comments box in the Transportation section of the survey.

Either! If students bring them, we ask that reusable masks are washed daily.

At this point, our staff thinks we can do it and want to try it out. If we find that we need more staff or volunteers, we will let our community know (and thank you for bringing this up!).

In-person on August 27 and 28 (tentative)

The elementary school and/or teachers will directly contact each family for a time to come in for the elementary assessment. 

We hope so; we are awaiting the release of a national study that will be giving further guidance on band and choir.

The elementary school and/or teachers will directly contact each family for a time to come in for the elementary assessment. 

Everything that we know and can confidently put in our plan will be presented at the August 12 board meeting. We anticipate changes throughout the school year, so the plan will be fluid. 

The recommendation from the Richland County Department of Health is to space out students as best we can given the space we have. Elementary students will also not be wearing masks around their classmates, but we are doing our best to space them out as best as possible. 

No, all IEPs must be followed regardless of changes in the instructional setting. 

No; we anticipate that many (if not all) students will have experienced some regression. This is to be expected given the extraordinary circumstances they have faced. Teachers will integrate the reteaching of major skills and identify areas that students need to improve. Last year’s distance learning will not impact a child’s progression to the next grade level. 

We will continue with ASP (After School Program) as normal. 

This is something the reentry planning committee thoroughly discussed. Given the smaller size of our student body and the intricacies of many classroom supplies (FACS, ag, music, PE, two lab classes, etc.) we felt it was best to have students move. That is why we will have a staggered transition schedule and no locker use during passing periods.

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