After School Program

After School Program

When you’re a working family with school-age children, finding reliable after-school care can be hard to come by. Richland ASP has you covered.

Richland After School Program (ASP) is an after-school recreation-based program that takes place at Richland elementary school sites. Participants enjoy games and activities with their peers and leaders in a safe and supervised environment.

ASP Details

Pre-K through 6th Grade

Richland Elementary

After School Hours:
3:15 – 6:00pm

RIchland After Schhol Program

After School Program

Richland #44 After-School Program: 

For pricing information, please contact the elementary school office.

Participation in the Richland #44 after-school program is a privilege.  Continued participation in the after-school program is contingent on the student’s attention to school behavioral guidelines.  All students must understand and agree to follow the school discipline and safety rules.  

While some structure is necessary for order and control, activities will be offered in a comparatively informal setting where students are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities.  All activities are conducted within group settings.  Students must be capable of acting responsibly and safely in a less restrictive atmosphere where the student-adult ratio varies, depending on the program activity, and maybe as large as 15 to 1. 

Due to staffing, no special or additional services are offered for students. If this impacts a child’s ability to function in the program, this will be discussed between school staff and families.

In keeping with the goals and objectives of the after-school program, the following guidelines govern student participation in the after-school program: 

  •       The student must have the ability and willingness to participate fully in group activities 
  •       The student must be able to conduct themselves safely and appropriately in a group setting 
  •       The student must be able to care for personal and hygiene needs 
  •       The student must be able to understand and follow program rules 
  •       The student must be able to follow at least one and two-step directions 
  •       The student must be able to transition from one activity to another and in and out of the program at the start and conclusion of each activity or day 
  •       The student must be able to interact with peers and community in a socially appropriate manner 
  •       The student must not be a danger to themselves or to others 
  •       The student must use appropriate language 
  •       The student must not disrupt normal activities making it unreasonably difficult for other youth to enjoy the after-school program
  •       The student must not engage in repetitive, aggressive, harmful, or disruptive behavior 

The after-school program staff has the discretion to handle behavior problems as a particular situation arises.  In all cases, maintaining the safety and security of all the students in the after-school program is most important.  Student participation in the after-school program may be denied and parents/guardians may be asked to pick up their child if the guidelines are not followed. 

Participation Guidelines:

Parent Pick-Up

Students who are picked up from the after-school program must be signed out by a parent/guardian or someone designated by the parent/guardian (at least 16 years of age) and photo identification must be presented.  Students must be picked up promptly at the end of the after-school program.  If a student has not been picked up by the end of the program, after-school staff will try to contact the parent/guardian and/or those individuals designated as emergency contacts.  A late fee of $10 will be added for every 15 minutes past the end of ASP.  


Weather Emergency: 

When there is no school due to previously scheduled vacation or teacher workday, there is no after-school program.  In the event of an early school closing or school cancellation due to a weather emergency, the after-school program will be canceled.  All bus students will be sent home on their regular buses unless parents/guardians have contacted the office.

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