7-12 Grade Distance Learning

Distance Learning Plan

According to our tiered system, we will transition to distance learning in Plan C and Plan D. If we must move to Plan C, most students will be in a distance learning model; if we move to Plan D, all students will be in a distance learning model. Below is the distance learning plan for each building. This plan was created according to the North Dakota Smart Restart K-12 Guiding Principles and Expectations.

r/Sr HS Distance Learning Overview Synchronous (live) classes will be our delivery model. We will follow our same general bell schedule and students are expected to log into every class every day. Teachers have the option to teach from their homes or classrooms, if safety options allow. All students will have a 1:1 device to utilize from home; internet service will be provided for homes that do not have it. Teachers will continue to teach to North Dakota State Standards and track student progress towards standard mastery.

Bell Schedule

1st 8:25-9:05
2nd 9:19-9:59
3rd 10:13-10:53
Lunch 11:07-11:47
4th 11:50-12:20
5th 12:25-1:05
6th 1:19-1:59
7th 2:13-2:53
Intervention 3:07-3:30


Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period; we will follow our same attendance policy. All attendance will be tracked in PowerSchool.

  • Present = on time and present
  • Tardy = 1-9 minutes late
  • Absent = absent from class or 10+ minutes tardy

Delivery Method (Uploading assignments)

All classes will be delivered through Google Classroom. Assignments will be due in Google Classroom at the beginning of that class period. Grades will be entered into PowerSchool only (not Google Classroom). This means parents only need to log into PowerSchool to see both attendance and grades. We will utilize Google Meets for all classes.


Communication between classroom teachers and parents will be through email (not Remind or another app).

For the Full Restart Program information, click here.

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